Wild Nutrition Food-Grown® Vitamin D (VEGAN)

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This is an essential vitamin to take through the darker months, or when indoors for long periods, to maintain healthy Vitamin D levels in both adults and children. Vitamin D plays a major role in supporting our immune system and helps regulate the amount of calcium and phosphorus in the body which in turn keep our bones, teeth and muscles healthy. The main difference between our Vegan Vitamin D providing 1000iu/25mcg and our best selling Vitamin D is its source. Our certified Vegan Vitamin D is sustainably derived from food-grade algae, using a sustainable process that ensures full control of quality and purity. This unique process involves algae and UVB light to create a rich source of Vitamin D (25 (OH) Vitamin D). We then use a gentle extraction process that doesn’t use any chemical solvents and allows the Vitamin D3 to be isolated from the Algae.

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