Lavera Complete Care Toothpaste - Organic Mint - With Fluoride - 75ml

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Lavera Complete Care Toothpaste with organic mint and fluoride protects teeth from cavities, tartar, gum problems and tooth decay and keeps breath fresh.

Sodium fluoride is very effective in preventing cavities, protects against tartar, and gum problems and strengthens teeth by forming a protective film around the teeth as well as supporting re-mineralisation of the tooth enamel. The Complete Care Toothpaste leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean and contributes to fresh breath thanks to Organic Mint as well as the New Green Fresh Complex incorporating Eucalyptus and Organic Melissa.

Miswak is a traditional natural teeth cleaning twig from the Arak tree and this wonderful ingredient is present in the mint toothpaste which helps to fight tooth decay and cavities as well as preventing plaque build up. Miswak also has natural antimicrobial substances.

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